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What is GivebackUK?

GivebackUK is creating ClearLessons, an inspirational video learning library free to everyone within the UK third sector.

ClearLessons videos are all about improving the performance of individuals, to help them be better at their job and in turn, improve the performance of their organisation.

ClearLessons covers topics to support professional development, vocational learning and soft skills, so that there will be something for everyone!

GivebackUK launches at the FSI’s Small Charity Week in June 2016 with over 1000 videos.
If you work or volunteer in the third sector and would like to gain access to these videos once they have launched, please write to us in the contact form below.

Facts about GivebackUK

Charities Eligible
Videos Created
Experts Filmed


We are filming real people, telling real stories, to share work-based wisdom in short 3-5 minute videos. We are developing three video series.

Getting Involved

Giveback UK is always looking for organisations or individuals that are willing to share their knowledge, expertise or resources with us. If there is any way that you can support us, please get in touch below and tell us how.

The UFI Charitable Trust is funding the creation of the video platform and The Charity Series. This means we are particularly interested in filming those with charity specific skills or roles.

Alternatively, if you work or volunteer within the third sector and would like to access these resources once they have launched, please send us a message below.
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